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[Exercise] Control Structures
Control Structures

We used a class similar to this in a previous exercise but I think it's a short and sweet example of what we need to review in this exercise. 

Create An Account Class

create a property of type BigDecimal called balance with an initial value of 0.0

Create a method called deposit

use a conditional structure (if would work great here) to check if the amount being passed is less than zero. If it is we should catch this case because we don't want to deposit negative numbers. In this case, throw an exception.

Create another method called deposit that takes a list of amounts

use a for loop to loop over these amounts and call deposit

Now that we have our class let's test it out. You can do all of this in the same file (just don't create a file called Account.groovy) 

Create an instance of the account class

deposit a valid amount

deposit an invalid amount (what happens?)

try / catch on invalid amounts

deposit a list of amounts. 


class Account {
BigDecimal balance=0.0
def deposit(BigDecimal amount)
if(amount <0){
throw new Exception("Deposit amoubt must be greater than 0")

balance += amount
def deposit(List amounts){
for (amount in amounts){
Account checking =new Account()
println checking.blance
catch(Exception e)
println "You entet invalid amount"
println checking.blance

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