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Html & Css

html and css training videos in telugu

Wordpress training in telugu

wordpress training videos in telugu

Host Site Using ftp -- Telugu 045

More HTML form Elements -- Telugu 044

How to Create Text Area in HTML forms -- Telugu 043

How to Create Drop Downlist in HTML select and Option Elements in HTML -- Telugu 042

How to Put Radio Buttons and Check Boxes in HTML -- Telugu 041

How to Create Text Box and Input Tag Maxlength in HTML forms -- Telugu 040

Max Height and Width Properties in CSS -- Telugu 039

Absolute, Relative, Fixed Positions in CSS -- Telugu 038

What is the mean of cascade in CSS how the rules are changed in CSS -- Telugu 037

Internal, External, Inline Styles in CSS and HTML part-3 -- Telugu 036

Internal, External, Inline Styles in CSS and HTML part-2 -- Telugu 036

Internal, External, Inline Styles inCSS and HTML part -1 -- Telugu 036

What are Pseudo - Elements in CSS How to Apply Part 2 -- Telugu 35

What are Pseudo Elements in CSS How to Apply Part 1 -- Telugu 35

What is Child Selector in CSS and How to use it -- Telugu 34

What is ID Selector and How to use in HTML page Design in CSS -- Telugu 33

What is Class Selector and Syntax and Example in CSS HTML Training -- Telugu 32

What is div element and How to set Style for div -- Telugu 31

How to Write Multiple Selectors in One Time and Span Element in HTML -- Telugu 30

How to Styling Unordered List in HTML using CSS properties -- Telugu 29

How to Style the Tables using CSS properties in HTML -- Telugu 28

Stylinig Links in CSS -- Telugu 27

Height and Width Properties of an Element -- Telugu 26

Margin Property in CSS -- Telugu 25

Border Property in CSS -- Telugu 24

Padding Property in CSS -- Telugu 23

Background Propertys Continution -- Telugu 22

Background Image Property -- Telugu 21

Text Indent and Background Color and Text Align Propertys in CSS -- Telugu 20

Font Style and Font Weight Property in CSS -- Telugu 19

Lineheight, Hex Color Properties in HTML -- Telugu 18

CSS Introduction in -- Telugu 17

List Tag in HTML -- Telugu 16

Colspan, Rowspan, Caption Tags in HTML -- Telugu 15

Border collapse, Text align, Border Spacing properties in HTML -- Telugu 14

Table Tag and tr, td ,Border, th ,style in HTML -- Telugu 13

How to use Map Tag in HTML -- Telugu 12

Link Tag in Imag Tag -- Telugu 11

Style Attribute in Image Tag -- Telugu 10

Image Tag and Src, Alt, Height and Width Attributes in HTML -- Telugu 09

Email link and Title and Target attributes in HTML -- Telugu 08

How to create self links or book marks in page -- Telugu 07

Link Tag in HTML -- Telugu 06

em Strong and Comments in HTML-- Telugu 05

P and BR elements in Html -- Telugu 04

Title and Headings in Html -- Telugu 03

Structure and NotepadPlus Editor in Html -- Telugu 02

What is Html and Xhtml -- Telugu 01

How to Change Readmore Text to Image in Blogger Telugu-31

How to Add Drop Down Menu in Blogge Telugu- 30

How to Add Scocial Links in Blogger Template Telugu- 29

How to Change Images and Content in Blogger Template Telugu 28

How to Change Images in Slider in Blogger Template Telugu -27

How to Install Custome Template in Blogger telugu-26

Comments Adsense and Stats in Blogger Telugu 25

How to Create Page How Add Menu Items in Blogger Telugu 24

Gadgets in Blog Layout 2 in Blogger Telugu 23

Gadgets in Blog Layout in Blogger Telugu 22

Fevicon ,navbar and hedder settings in blogger Telugu-21

Contact us page plugin in wordpress Telugu-57

W3 Total Cache plug in wordpress Telugu-56

Wordpress security tips Telugu-54

Secure ftp in wordpress Telugu-52

One time password plugun in wordpress Telugu-51

What is bruteforce attack in wordpress Telugu-50

Limit the login attempts in wordpress Telugu-49

Secure html5 video player plugin Telugu-48

Prevent download images plugin wordpress Telugu-47

Protect your text in wordpress no select in Telugu-46

Akismet plugin in wordpress Telugu-45

Manuvally upload plugins into wordpress website Telugu-44

BackUpWordPress plugin in wordpress Telugu-43

How to restore wordpress website Telugu-42

How to backup wordpress website manuvally Telugu-41

Comment setting in wordpress Telugu-40

Media and peramlinks in wordpress Telugu-39

Reading and writing settings in wordpress Telugu-38

General settings in wordpress Telugu-37

Create and maintain and roles of users in wordpress Telugu-36

How to set profile image in wordpress Telugu-35

Editing own profile in wordpress Telugu-34

How to set static front page in WordPress Telugu-32

What is plugin and how to install in wordpress Telugu-33

Add menus to widgets using customize in wordpress Telugu-31

Add widgets using customize in wordpress Telugu-30

Customize the wordpress Menus Telugu-29

Customize the wordpress Look header color and site identity Telugu-28

Customize the wordpress website change active theme in Telugu-27

Wordpres admin area in Telugu-26

How to create page Telugu-25

Insert image gallery into wordpress post Telugu-24

What is featured image in wordpress post or page Telugu-23

How to insert videos from youtube in wordpress post Telugu-22

How to delete and move images in wordpress post Telugu-21

What is Excerpt in wordpress post and how to truncate post Telugu-19

How to put images into wordpress post Telugu-20

What are post formats in wordpress Telugu-18

How to use publish panel in wordpress or options in publish panel telugu-17

How to use revision tool or panel in wordpress post Telugu-16

How to put links in wordpress editor Telugu-14

Whai is tags and categories in wordpress post Telugu-15

Wordpress editor shortcuts for writing content Telugu-13

Writing the content in wordpress post and format the text Telugu-12

Post editor in wordpress Telugu-11

What is post and how to create post in wordpress Telugu-10

Wordpress toolbar in Telugu-09

Admin panel in wordpress Telugu-08

How to access and information about wordpress website Telugu-07

How to install wordpress in hosting account Telugu-06

How to install wordpress in hosting account Telugu-05

How to install wordpress in local system part 2 Telugu-04

How to install wordpress in local system part 1 Telugu-04

Websites developed using wordpress Telugu-03

Two ways to create website in wordpress Telugu-02

What is wordpress Telugu- 01