Thursday 4 January 2024

Name two types of connectivity modes in Power BI  ? Power BI interview questions and answers 261

 Name two types of connectivity modes in Power BI  ?

While there are technically three connectivity modes in Power BI, the two most commonly discussed and utilized are:

1. Import: This is the default and most familiar option, where data is copied from the source system and stored within the Power BI model (either .pbix file or Power BI Service dataset). This enables offline analysis and manipulation of the data within Power BI itself, but with the potential caveat of delayed updates if the source data changes frequently.

2. Direct Query: This option establishes a live connection between Power BI and the underlying data source. No data is stored in Power BI, all queries are sent directly to the source system in real-time. This offers near real-time insights but requires a reliable and performant source system to handle the ongoing query processing.

The choice between these two modes depends on several factors like data size, update frequency, performance requirements, and the need for offline analysis.

Feel free to ask if you'd like to know more about the third connectivity mode (Live Connection) or have any further questions about the specific differences between Import and Direct Query.

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