Tuesday 23 January 2024

What are the differences of vuex store and plain global object?145

 What are the differences of vuex store and plain global object?

Both Vuex stores and plain global objects can be used to manage state in your Vue.js application, but they offer distinct advantages and disadvantages:

Vuex Store:


  • Centralized: All application state resides in one location, improving consistency and accessibility.

  • Predictable mutations: State changes occur through well-defined mutations, ensuring controlled and traceable updates.

  • Structured workflow: Actions trigger mutations and getters access state, providing a clear flow for data manipulation.

  • Testable: Mutations and actions are easily testable, leading to more robust and reliable code.

  • Community and tools: Extensive community support and tools available for plugins, debugging, and development efficiency.


  • Learning curve: Requires understanding additional concepts and managing the store structure.

  • Boilerplate code: Setting up stores and mutations can lead to more initial code compared to a simple object.

  • Overkill for simple applications: For small projects with minimal state requirements, a plain object might suffice.

Plain Global Object:


  • Simple to implement: Easy to set up and use, requiring minimal additional code.

  • Lightweight: No additional libraries or configurations needed, potentially reducing overhead.

  • Suitable for small projects: Can be efficient for applications with limited state management needs.


  • Scattered state: Data can be spread across multiple objects, making it difficult to track and maintain consistency.

  • Accidental mutations: State changes can happen anywhere, leading to potential errors and unforeseen consequences.

  • Difficult to track and debug: Lack of defined mutations and actions makes it challenging to isolate and fix state issues.

  • Poor scalability: As the application grows, managing state with multiple objects becomes cumbersome and error-prone.

In summary:

  • Choose a Vuex store for:

  • Applications with complex or extensive state management needs.

  • Projects requiring predictability, consistency, and maintainability of state.

  • Situations where testability and structured workflow are important.

  • Use a plain global object for:

  • Very small projects with minimal state requirements.

  • Simple data sharing needs without complex manipulation logic.

  • Situations where initial complexity and overhead are desired to be minimal.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific project requirements and complexity. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to determine the most suitable solution for your application's state management needs.

Feel free to ask further questions if you'd like to discuss specific scenarios or delve deeper into the pros and cons of each approach! I'm here to help you make an informed decision and build effective state management systems for your Vue.js projects.

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