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What is scoped CSS?108

 What is scoped CSS?

Scoped CSS is a mechanism for applying styles to a specific component in Vue.js, ensuring that they don't conflict with styles in other components. It's a way to create isolated CSS environments for each component, promoting better style encapsulation and maintainability in large applications.

Here's how it works:

  1. Apply the scoped attribute to a <style> tag within a Vue component:

Code snippet

  <div class="my-component">

<style scoped>
  .my-component {
    /* Styles here will only apply to this component */

  1. Vue automatically adds a unique attribute to the component's root element:


<div class="my-component" data-v-21e5b54a>

  1. The styles within the scoped style block are rewritten to target only elements within that component's scope:


/* Rewritten scoped styles */
.my-component[data-v-21e5b54a] .my-element {
  /* Styles for elements within the component */

Key benefits of scoped CSS:

  • Encapsulation: Styles are isolated within components, preventing conflicts and unexpected style overrides.

  • Maintainability: Easier to manage and modify styles without affecting other parts of the application.

  • Reusability: Components can be reused in different contexts without style collisions.

  • Tooling support: Vue CLI and other build tools often have built-in support for scoped CSS.


  • Specificity: Scoped styles have high specificity due to the unique attribute, making it harder to override them with global styles if needed.

  • Pseudo-classes and selectors: Some pseudo-classes (like :hover) and selectors (like /deep/) might not work as expected within scoped styles.

  • Global styles: Scoped styles don't apply to elements outside the component's root element. Use global styles for application-wide styles.

Alternative approaches:

  • CSS Modules: A more robust solution for style encapsulation, but requires a slightly different setup.

  • CSS-in-JS libraries: Offer different ways to manage styles within components, often with features like dynamic styling and theme switching.

Scoped CSS provides a convenient way to create locally scoped styles within Vue components, improving style organization and reducing potential conflicts. It's a valuable tool for managing styles in larger Vue.js applications.

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