Wednesday 21 February 2024

Define File age properties in file connector in MuleSoft4?27

 Define File age properties in file connector in MuleSoft4?

While the MuleSoft 4 File Connector doesn't have a specific property named "file age," you can achieve similar functionality using various approaches and properties to check and potentially filter or process files based on their creation or modification time. Here are some options:

1. Accessing File Metadata:

  • Use the fileAttributes property within your File operations (read, write, move, etc.) to retrieve various metadata about the file, including its lastModified timestamp.

  • Compare the retrieved timestamp with your desired reference time (e.g., current time minus a specific duration) to determine if the file meets your age criteria.

2. Using Filename Patterns:

  • If your filenames encode creation/modification timestamps in a specific format, utilize filename parsing expressions with the filenameParser property.

  • Extract the relevant timestamp information from the filename and compare it against your age criteria. This approach requires consistent naming conventions across your files.

3. Custom Filter with File Information:

  • Implement a custom filter component or expression that accesses the file metadata using fileAttributes.

  • Based on the lastModified timestamp and your desired age criteria, return true or false to include or exclude the file for further processing.

4. Leverage MEL (Mule Expression Language):

  • Within your Mule flow, use MEL expressions to access the fileAttributes map and extract the lastModified timestamp.

  • Apply date/time manipulation functions available in MEL to calculate the file age and compare it to your criteria.


  • The most suitable approach depends on your specific needs, filename structure, and preferred coding style.

  • Ensure accurate retrieval and interpretation of timestamps based on your file system's settings.

  • Consider performance implications depending on the scale and frequency of file processing.

I hope this explanation clarifies how to handle file age checks within the MuleSoft 4 File Connector, even without a dedicated "file age" property. Feel free to ask if you have further questions or need more specific examples based on your use case.

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