Tuesday 12 March 2024

How to access attribute in xml payload?111

 How to access attribute in xml payload?

There are two primary ways to access attributes within an XML payload using DataWeave:

1. Using the @ symbol:

This is the most common approach for directly accessing an attribute's value based on its name.

Here's the syntax:



%dw 2.0
name = message.customer@name

In this example, message.customer@name retrieves the value of the name attribute from the customer element within the message payload.

2. XPath expressions:

You can leverage XPath expressions for more complex scenarios, especially when dealing with nested elements or attributes with dynamic names.

Here's an example:

%dw 2.0

This expression searches for the book element with the isbn attribute value "1234567890" and then retrieves the value of the title attribute from that specific element.

Additional Points:

  • Ensure the namespace prefix is included if the attribute belongs to a different namespace than the element.

  • DataWeave offers other operators like .. for parent-child navigation and | for selecting multiple elements, which can be combined with the @ symbol for complex attribute access.

Here are some helpful resources for further exploration:


  • DataWeave operates on a parsed XML structure. Ensure your payload is valid XML before attempting to access attributes.

  • Error handling mechanisms are recommended to gracefully handle situations where the expected element or attribute might not be present.

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