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How to check the payload type ? in MuleSoft?114

 How to check the payload type ? in MuleSoft?

Here are two common approaches to check the payload type in MuleSoft 4:

1. Using message.dataType.type:

This method directly accesses the type property of the dataType object within the message. This property indicates the data type of the payload.

Here's an example:

Maya Embedded Language

#[message.dataType.type] == 'application/json'

This expression evaluates to true if the message payload is of type JSON (assuming the content type header is set correctly).

2. Using typeOf function:

The typeOf function in DataWeave allows you to determine the type of any value.

Here's an example:

%dw 2.0
typeOf(message.payload) == 'string'

This expression checks if the payload type is a string. You can replace "string" with other data types like "number", "boolean", or "object" based on your requirement.

Choosing the Right Approach:

  • message.dataType.type: This is a simpler approach suitable for basic checks within Message Processors using MEL.

  • typeOf function: This method offers more flexibility within DataWeave scripts, allowing for dynamic checks and comparisons based on various data types.

Additional Considerations:

  • Content-Type header: While message.dataType.type relies on the message's data type, it's crucial to ensure the message's Content-Type header accurately reflects the actual payload format.

  • Custom MIME types: If your application deals with custom MIME types, you might need additional logic to handle them appropriately.

Here are some helpful resources for further understanding:

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