Friday 29 December 2023

What are the gateways that available in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 201

 What are the gateways that available in Power BI ?

In Power BI, there are two main types of gateways:

  1. On-premises data gateway: This gateway acts as a bridge between your on-premises data sources (data that isn't in the cloud) and Power BI. It allows you to securely refresh your Power BI reports and dashboards using data from your on-premises network. There are two types of on-premises data gateways:

  • Personal gateway: This is a free gateway that can be used by individual users to connect to their own on-premises data sources.

  • On-premises data gateway (recommended): This is a more powerful gateway that can be used by multiple users and supports a wider range of data sources. It is recommended for organizations that need to share on-premises data with multiple users.

  1. Cloud data gateway: This gateway allows you to connect to data sources that are hosted in the cloud, such as Azure SQL Database or Salesforce. There is no need to install or configure anything on your own network. Power BI automatically manages the connection for you.

Here is a table that summarizes the different types of gateways and their uses:

Gateway type


On-premises data gateway (personal)

Connect to your own on-premises data sources

On-premises data gateway (recommended)

Share on-premises data with multiple users

Cloud data gateway

Connect to data sources that are hosted in the cloud

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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