Friday 29 December 2023

What are the method to hide and unhide a specific report in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 190

 What are the method to hide and unhide a specific report in Power BI ? 

Here are the methods to hide and unhide a specific report in Power BI, depending on the environment:

1. Power BI Desktop:

  • Hiding:

  • Right-click the report tab in the workspace.

  • Select "Hide" from the context menu.

  • Unhiding:

  • Go to the "View" tab in the ribbon.

  • Click "Hidden Reports."

  • Select the report you want to unhide and click "Unhide."

2. Power BI Service (App Workspaces):

  • Hiding:

  • Access the workspace where the report is located.

  • Click the "More options" ellipsis (...) next to the report.

  • Choose "Hide" from the menu.

  • Unhiding:

  • Click the "Hidden items" button in the workspace navigation pane.

  • Locate the hidden report and click "Unhide."

3. Power BI Service (My Workspace):

  • Hiding:

  • Currently, there's no direct way to hide reports in My Workspace.

  • Workaround: Move the report to a separate workspace or delete it.

  • Unhiding:

  • Not applicable for My Workspace.

Additional Considerations:

  • Permissions: To hide or unhide reports in App Workspaces, you'll need appropriate workspace permissions.

  • Content Packs: Reports within content packs can't be hidden individually.

  • Bookmarks: Hiding a report doesn't affect its bookmarks.

  • Search: Hidden reports won't appear in search results.

Important Note:

  • Power BI Admins can now hide reports for everyone in a workspace using PowerShell commands. This feature is not yet available in the Power BI Service interface.

If you have further questions or need more guidance for your specific environment, feel free to provide additional details. I'm here to assist you with managing report visibility in Power BI effectively!

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