Tuesday 19 December 2023

What kinds of views are present in Power BI Desktop? Power BI interview questions and answers 026

 What kinds of views are present in Power BI Desktop ?

I apologize for the earlier duplicate response regarding the views in Power BI Desktop. Let me provide a more concise and informative answer:

Power BI Desktop offers three main views for data analysis and report creation:

  1. Report View: The primary canvas where you build your reports with visuals like charts, graphs, and maps. Organize visuals on pages to tell a story or present insights.

  2. Data View: Explore and manage your data model. See tables, columns, and data values. Create calculated columns and measures using DAX expressions.

  3. Relationships View: Define and manage connections between different data tables in your model. Ensure accurate calculations and avoid ambiguities.

Additional Views (optional):

  • Model explorer (preview): Offers advanced features like lineage tracing and impact analysis for a deeper understanding of your data model.

  • Extensions pane: Browse and install third-party extensions for additional functionalities and visuals.

Choosing the right view:

  • Report View: Build visuals and interact with your analysis.

  • Data View: Explore and manage your data model.

  • Relationships View: Define and manage data table connections.

Remember, these views work together seamlessly in Power BI Desktop to empower your data analysis journey and create impactful reports.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about specific views or need help with any aspect of Power BI!

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