Friday 15 December 2023

Why use selection pane in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 001


Why use selection pane in Power BI ?

The Selection pane in Power BI is a hidden gem that can significantly enhance your report creation and interaction experience. Here are some key reasons why you should use it:

1. Manage visual clutter and optimize report layout:

  • Easily show or hide visuals: Imagine having a report with numerous charts, graphs, and maps. The selection pane allows you to quickly toggle the visibility of individual visuals, decluttering the report and focusing on what matters most at a given time.

  • Rearrange visual layers: Overlapping visuals can be confusing. Use the selection pane to drag and drop visuals to change their stacking order, ensuring proper hierarchy and clarity.

  • Create alternative report views: You can have multiple versions of the same report with different visuals displayed. This is useful for presenting various data slices or catering to specific audiences.

2. Enhance interactivity and storytelling:

  • Coordinate visual selections: Select a data point in one visual, and watch it get highlighted across all linked visuals. This creates a dynamic and cohesive storytelling experience, guiding the audience through your insights.

  • Focus on specific data points: Isolate specific data points by temporarily hiding irrelevant visuals. This helps viewers zero in on critical information and draw deeper connections.

3. Improve efficiency and workflow:

  • Quickly find and edit visuals: No more searching through a crowded canvas. The selection pane lists all visuals, making it easy to locate and edit the one you need.

  • Group and manage visuals: Organize related visuals into folders for better structure and easier navigation, especially in complex reports.

4. Accessibility and mobile viewing:

  • Simplify report navigation on touch devices: The selection pane provides a list-based approach for interacting with visuals, making it more convenient for users on mobile devices or with accessibility needs.

Bonus tip: The selection pane also lets you lock visuals, format multiple visuals at once, and export visuals for reuse in other reports.

In conclusion, the Selection pane is a versatile tool that goes beyond just hiding and showing visuals. It empowers you to create cleaner, more interactive, and efficient reports, ultimately improving the way you communicate data insights to your audience. So, don't hesitate to unlock its potential and take your Power BI skills to the next level!

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