Tuesday 9 January 2024

How to add Page Level Filters in Power BI? Power BI interview questions and answers 314

 How to add Page Level Filters in Power BI

Here's a guide on adding Page Level Filters in Power BI:

1. Access the Filters Pane:

  • Click on the "Filters" pane on the right side of the Power BI Desktop workspace.

2. Create a New Page Level Filter:

  • Click on the "Add filter" button at the top of the Filters pane.

  • Select "Add page-level filter" from the dropdown menu.

3. Choose a Field for Filtering:

  • Select the field you want to use as a filter from the list of available fields.

4. Apply Filter Criteria:

  • Use the available options to specify the filter criteria. This might involve choosing specific values, ranges, or using dynamic filtering based on other fields or measures.

5. Customize Filter Behavior (Optional):

  • Filter Type: Choose between "Basic filtering" or "Advanced filtering" for more complex filtering rules.

  • Highlighting: Toggle on the "Highlight" option to visually emphasize filtered data in visuals.

6. Apply and Test:

  • Click "Apply filter" to activate the page-level filter.

  • Interact with visuals on the page to ensure the filter is working as intended.

Key Points:

  • Page-level filters apply to all visuals on the current page, narrowing down the data for focused analysis.

  • They are independent of visual-level filters, which affect only specific visuals.

  • Use multiple page-level filters for refined insights.

  • Remember that page-level filters don't impact slicers or other page-level interactions.

Additional Tips:

  • Clear Filters: Click on the filter in the Filters pane and select "Clear filter" to remove it.

  • Edit Filters: Double-click on a filter to modify its criteria.

  • Filter Pane Organization: Use the "Edit interactions" feature to control how filters interact with each other and visuals.

  • Filter Highlighting: Use highlighting to visually indicate filtered data in visuals for better comprehension.

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