Monday 8 January 2024

How to edit interactions in Power BI?Power BI interview questions and answers 303

 How to edit interactions in Power BI?

There are two main ways to edit interactions in Power BI, depending on your desired level of control and complexity:

1. Visual Level Interactions:

This method allows you to define how one visual impacts another on the same report page. Here's how:

  • Select the visual you want to control the interaction: This will be the "source" visual that triggers the interaction.

  • Go to the "Format" pane: You can find this in the right sidebar or the top menu depending on your Power BI version.

  • Scroll down to the "Interactions" section: This opens a drop-down menu and additional options.

  • Choose the target visual(s): Select the visuals you want to be affected by the source visual click.

  • Set the interaction type: Here are some common options:

  • Filter: Apply filters based on selections in the source visual.

  • Highlight: Highlight data points in the target visual corresponding to selections in the source.

  • Drill Through: Open a dedicated page with detailed information linked to the selection in the source visual.

  • None: Disable any interaction between the selected visuals.

  • Fine-tune settings: Depending on the interaction type, you may have additional options like filter direction, animation effects, or drill-through target pages.

  • Click "Apply" or close the "Format" pane: Your interactions are now set.

2. "Edit Interactions" Feature:

This tool provides more granular control over interactions and allows defining how multiple visuals impact each other across the report page. Here's how:

  • Open the "Edit Interactions" tool:

  • In Power BI Desktop, click "Format" > "Edit Interactions".

  • In Power BI Service, open the report in editing view and access the tool from the report menu bar.

  • Select the visual you want to modify the interactions for: This will be the visual whose data point selections trigger the interactions.

  • In the right sidebar, choose the "Targets" tab: This displays a list of all visuals on the page.

  • Turn on interactions for desired visuals: Click the toggle buttons next to each target visual you want to include in the interaction.

  • Set the interaction type: Choose from the same options as the visual level interactions (filter, highlight, etc.).

  • Refine settings: Adjust any additional options based on the chosen interaction type.

  • Repeat for other visuals: You can define multiple interactions for the same source visual with different target visuals and settings.

  • Click outside the "Edit Interactions" tool or close the pane: Your customized interactions are now active.


  • You can combine both visual level and "Edit Interactions" features for a more complex interaction setup.

  • Preview your interactions while adjusting settings to ensure they behave as intended.

  • Consider the user experience and avoid overwhelming dashboards with too many interactions.

I hope this explanation clarifies how to edit interactions in Power BI. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or need specific examples!

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