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Name out some important DAX functions used in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 267

Name out some important DAX functions used in Power BI ?

Power BI utilizes DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) for complex calculations and data analysis. Here are some of the most important DAX functions:

Basic Aggregation:

  • SUM: Calculates the sum of values in a column.

  • AVERAGE: Calculates the average of values in a column.

  • MIN/MAX: Find the minimum or maximum value in a column.

  • COUNT: Counts the number of rows in a table or non-blank values in a column.

Filter and Context Control:

  • CALCULATE: Modifies the context in which a calculation is performed, allowing for dynamic calculations based on filters or selections.

  • FILTER: Creates a new table containing rows that meet specific criteria.

  • ALL: Removes all filters applied to a table, bringing back all rows.

  • ALLEXCEPT: Removes specific filters from a table while keeping others.

Date and Time Functions:

  • DATE: Creates a date value from specific parameters.

  • DATEDIFF: Calculates the difference between two dates in specified units.

  • CALENDAR: Generates a table with a sequence of dates.

  • YEAR/MONTH/WEEK/DAY: Extracts specific components from a date or time value.

Lookup and Relationship Functions:

  • RELATED: Retrieves related values from another table based on existing relationships.

  • LOOKUP: Searches for a specific value in a column and returns another value from the same row.

  • MATCH: Locates the position of a specific value within a column.

Text and Logical Functions:

  • CONCATENATE: Combines text from multiple columns into a single string.

  • IF: Creates conditional statements based on logic to return different values.

  • SWITCH: Evaluates multiple conditions and returns different values based on which condition is met.

Advanced Functions:

  • SUMX/AVERAGEX/DISTINCTX: Performs aggregate calculations over rows that meet specific criteria.

  • VAR: Defines a temporary variable used within a measure or calculated column.

  • GENERATESERIES: Creates a sequence of numbers.

  • RANKX: Assigns ranks to rows based on a specified calculation.

This is just a snapshot of some important DAX functions. There are many others available with specific purposes. Depending on your data analysis needs, you can learn and experiment with various functions to unlock the full potential of Power BI.

Remember, the most important functions are the ones that help you solve your specific data analysis problems effectively.

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