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What are some familiar sources for data in the Get Data menu in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 238

 What are some familiar sources for data in the Get Data menu in Power BI ?

Here are some of the most commonly used data sources accessible through the Get Data menu in Power BI, categorized by their type:

1. Files:

  • Excel: Import data from spreadsheets, including multiple sheets and tables.

  • CSV: Connect to comma-separated value files for structured data.

  • Text/JSON: Load data from text files or JSON files, often used for web data.

  • XML: Work with data in XML format.

  • Folder: Access multiple files within a folder, potentially combining them.

  • SharePoint Folder: Load data from shared SharePoint folders.

2. Databases:

  • SQL Server: Connect to on-premises or cloud-based SQL Server databases.

  • Oracle Database: Access Oracle databases.

  • MySQL: Work with MySQL databases.

  • PostgreSQL: Connect to PostgreSQL databases.

  • Azure SQL Database: Interact with Azure-hosted SQL databases.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics: Integrate with Azure's data warehousing and analytics service.

  • Access: Import data from Microsoft Access databases.

  • SAP HANA: Connect to SAP HANA databases.

3. Cloud Services:

  • Salesforce: Retrieve data from Salesforce CRM systems.

  • Dynamics 365: Access data from Dynamics 365 business applications.

  • Google Analytics: Load web analytics data from Google Analytics.

  • Facebook: Connect to Facebook insights and advertising data.

  • Twitter: Import social media data from Twitter.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Work with massive datasets stored in Azure Data Lake.

  • Azure Blob Storage: Access files and data stored in Azure Blob Storage.

  • SharePoint Online Lists: Connect to SharePoint Online lists and libraries.

4. Other Sources:

  • Blank Query: Create a new query from scratch using Power Query's M language.

  • Web: Import data from websites using URLs.

  • OData Feed: Connect to OData feeds for structured data exchange.

  • Microsoft Exchange: Retrieve data from Microsoft Exchange servers.

  • Microsoft Teams: Load data from Microsoft Teams channels and conversations.

  • Power BI Datasets: Connect to existing Power BI datasets for further analysis.

5. Premium Connectors:

  • Additional connectors for cloud services and databases are available through Power BI Premium, expanding connectivity options for specific needs.

The specific options in your Get Data menu might vary depending on your Power BI version and available connectors.

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