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What is Actuate Corporation reporting Software

What is  Actuate Corporation reporting Software

It's important to note that Actuate Corporation no longer exists as a separate entity. In January 2015, they were acquired by OpenText and their products and services are now part of OpenText's AI and Analytics offerings.

Historically, Actuate Corporation did indeed offer a range of reporting software:

  • Actuate Reporting: These were desktop and web-based tools for creating and distributing reports based on various data sources.

  • Actuate Birt: This was an open-source reporting engine initially developed by Actuate and later donated to the Eclipse Foundation. It's still widely used for report generation within various platforms.

  • Actuate Performancesoft: This was a suite of tools for performance management and business intelligence, encompassing dashboards, scorecards, and other analytical capabilities.

While these specific Actuate products are no longer available under the Actuate brand, their features and functionalities have been integrated into OpenText's AI and Analytics solutions. OpenText offers various reporting and analytics products, some of which are direct continuations of Actuate offerings, while others are newer additions to the portfolio.

Here are some relevant OpenText products under the AI and Analytics umbrella:

  • OpenText™ Reporting Server: This web-based platform enables users to create and manage reports from various data sources. It's considered a successor to Actuate Reporting.

  • OpenText™ BIRT-XL: This is a commercial extension of the open-source BIRT engine, offering additional features and support.

  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Reporting: This web-based tool allows users to create visually appealing reports and dashboards without requiring coding knowledge.

If you're interested in learning more about specific reporting software related to Actuate, it's helpful to know the specific product name or functionality you're looking for. With that information, I can provide you with more precise details about the corresponding OpenText offerings or alternative solutions.

who and when developed Actuate Corporation  reporting Software

Actuate Corporation itself was founded in 1993, so the development of their reporting software products spanned across its existence until their acquisition by OpenText in 2015. Here's a breakdown of some key developments:


  • Early reporting tools: Actuate developed its initial reporting software offerings during this period, including desktop and web-based tools for report creation and distribution. These targeted various data sources and laid the foundation for future advancements.


  • Actuate BIRT: This was a pivotal year as Actuate launched the open-source Eclipse BIRT business data reporting project. BIRT gained significant traction and is still widely used today within various platforms for report generation.


  • Continued innovation: Actuate continued to develop and refine its reporting software offerings, including Actuate Reporting (desktop and web versions) and Actuate Performancesoft (performance management and business intelligence suite).


  • Acquisition by OpenText: OpenText acquired Actuate, integrating their technology and expertise into their AI and Analytics portfolio.

Since then, OpenText has continued to develop and offer reporting and analytics solutions that incorporate features and functionalities from Actuate's software. Some key examples include:

  • OpenText™ Reporting Server: Considered a successor to Actuate Reporting, this web-based platform allows users to create and manage reports from various data sources.

  • OpenText™ BIRT-XL: A commercial extension of the open-source BIRT engine, offering additional features and support.

  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Reporting: This web-based tool empowers users to create visually appealing reports and dashboards without coding knowledge.

While Actuate Corporation is no longer a separate entity, their legacy lives on within OpenText's AI and Analytics offerings. The evolution of their reporting software showcases the continuous advancements in data visualization and analysis capabilities available today.

Facts of  Actuate reporting

Facts about Actuate Reporting:


  • Developed by Actuate Corporation, founded in 1993.

  • Offered a range of desktop and web-based reporting tools.

  • Supported various data sources like databases, spreadsheets, and flat files.

  • Focused on creating and distributing reports with visualizations and charts.

  • Notable products included Actuate Reporting and Actuate iServer.

  • Open-sourced the BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) engine in 2004.

Post-Acquisition (2015):

  • Acquired by OpenText in January 2015.

  • Discontinued as a separate product line.

  • Features and functionalities integrated into OpenText's AI and Analytics solutions.

OpenText Solutions:

  • OpenText™ Reporting Server: Consider a successor, offering report creation and management.

  • OpenText™ BIRT-XL: Commercial extension of open-source BIRT with additional features.

  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Reporting: Web-based tool for non-technical users to create reports and dashboards.


  • Pioneered data visualization and reporting technology.

  • Influenced the development of open-source BIRT engine.

  • Legacy continues through OpenText's reporting and analytics products.

Additional Notes:

  • While Actuate Reporting is no longer available under its original name, its technology and expertise live on in various OpenText solutions.

  • BIRT remains a widely used open-source reporting engine.

  • For specific details about functionalities or alternatives, knowing the exact Actuate product or features would be helpful.

I hope this summary provides a helpful overview of Actuate Reporting!

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