Tuesday 19 March 2024

In which time zone MuleSoft 4 scheduler operates?156

 In which time zone MuleSoft 4 scheduler operates?

The behavior of the MuleSoft 4 scheduler regarding time zones depends on where your Mule application is deployed:

CloudHub Deployment:

  • When deployed in MuleSoft CloudHub, the scheduler operates in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) regardless of the geographical region where your CloudHub workers are located.

  • This means any cron expressions you define for scheduling tasks will be interpreted based on UTC.

Standalone Runtime Deployment:

  • In a standalone Mule Runtime environment, the scheduler inherits the time zone settings of the machine where Mule is running.

  • This allows you to schedule tasks based on the local time zone of the server.

Here's a table summarizing the behavior:

Deployment Environment

Scheduler Time Zone


UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

Standalone Runtime

Local Time Zone (of the server)

Key Points:

  • Understanding this behavior is crucial for ensuring your scheduled tasks execute at the intended times.

  • For CloudHub deployments, you need to adjust your cron expressions to account for the UTC time zone. Tools like can help you convert your desired local time schedule to a corresponding UTC cron expression.

  • For standalone deployments, ensure the server's time zone is set correctly for your desired scheduling behavior.

Additional Considerations:

  • While CloudHub operates in UTC, you can potentially use DataWeave transformations within your flow to manipulate timestamps and convert them to your desired time zone for display or further processing purposes.

  • If your application requires consistent scheduling behavior across different deployment environments (CloudHub and standalone), consider implementing a centralized time zone management strategy within your flows. This could involve storing the desired time zone configuration in a central location and accessing it during flow execution.

By understanding the scheduler's time zone behavior in MuleSoft 4, you can effectively schedule tasks to run at the correct times regardless of your deployment environment.

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