Tuesday 19 March 2024

List of flow processing strategies in MuleSoft.163

 List of flow processing strategies in MuleSoft.4

In MuleSoft version 4, there's a fundamental shift in how message processing is handled. Unlike Mule 3 where you could choose flow processing strategies, Mule 4 utilizes a single, non-blocking processing strategy by default.

This means the Mule runtime engine intelligently manages message processing, optimizing thread usage and improving overall application performance.

Here's a breakdown of the difference:

  • Mule 3: Offered options for synchronous and queued-asynchronous processing strategies.

  • Mule 4: Employs a non-blocking processing strategy for efficient thread management.

If you need asynchronous processing in Mule 4, you can achieve it using the Async component within your flow.

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