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What will be the expected output if all the conditions in choice router comes out to be valid? in MuleSoft 354

 What will be the expected output if all the conditions in choice router comes out to be valid? in MuleSoft

In MuleSoft 4, a Choice Router behaves in a way similar to an "if-else if" statement block in programming. Here's what happens when all the conditions in a Choice Router evaluate to true:

  • Only the First True Condition Executes: The Choice Router processes messages sequentially, evaluating each condition from top to bottom. Once a condition evaluates to true, the corresponding flow reference or processing steps associated with that condition are executed.

  • Subsequent Conditions Are Ignored: Even if all remaining conditions in the Choice Router also evaluate to true, they are not processed. The flow execution continues from the defined processing steps associated with the first true condition.

Here's an example to illustrate this behavior:


<flow name="ProcessingFlow">
    <when expression="${} == 'US'">
      <flow-ref name="USProcessingFlow"/>
    <when expression="${} == 'UK'">
      <flow-ref name="UKProcessingFlow"/>
    <when expression="${} == 'CA'">
      <flow-ref name="CAProcessingFlow"/>

In this example, imagine a message arrives with the header country set to "US". The conditions are evaluated sequentially:

  1. The first condition == 'US' evaluates to true.

  2. The corresponding flow reference USProcessingFlow is executed.

  3. The message is processed by the USProcessingFlow.

  4. Since a condition has already been met, the remaining conditions (UK and CA processing) are not even evaluated.

Key Points:

  • Choice Router processes conditions sequentially, stopping on the first true evaluation.

  • Subsequent true conditions are ignored, preventing unintended duplicate processing.

  • This behavior ensures predictable routing decisions based on the order of conditions.


  • Order your Choice Router conditions carefully, placing the most likely conditions at the top to improve efficiency.

  • Consider using the default element within the Choice Router to define a fallback processing step if none of the defined conditions are true.

By understanding how Choice Routers handle multiple true conditions, you can design efficient and predictable routing logic within your MuleSoft 4 integration flows.

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