Friday 17 September 2021

How to create database and remove database in sql in telugu 06

USE <database name>;

USE vlrtraining;

SELECT database();


USE information_schema;

Tables are database objects that contain all the data in a database. In tables, data is logically organized in a row-and-column format similar to a spreadsheet. Each row represents a unique record, and each column represents a field in the record. For example, a table that contains employee data for a company might contain a row for each employee and columns representing employee information such as employee number, name, address, job title, and home telephone number.

Creating a basic table involves naming the table and defining its columns and each column's data type.

The SQL CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a new table.

The basic syntax of the CREATE TABLE statement is as follows −

CREATE TABLE table_name(
   column1 datatype,
   column2 datatype,
   column3 datatype,
   columnN datatype,
   PRIMARY KEY( one or more columns )

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