Saturday 11 November 2023

What are the connectors that support transactions in Mule Soft


What are the connectors that supporttransactions in Mule Soft?

MuleSoft supports transactions for the following connectors:

·         Database

·         JMS

·         VM

·         Anypoint MQ

·         File

·         HTTP

·         HTTPS

·         SFTP

·         TCP

·         UDP

·         WSDL

To use transactions with a connector, you must configure the connector to support transactions. You can do this by setting the transactionType attribute of the connector to XA or Local.

XA transactions

XA transactions are distributed transactions that can span multiple resources, such as multiple databases or multiple Mule servers. XA transactions are more complex to configure and manage than local transactions, but they offer better performance and scalability.

Local transactions

Local transactions are transactions that are limited to a single resource, such as a single database or a single Mule server. Local transactions are easier to configure and manage than XA transactions, but they offer lower performance and scalability.


The following example shows how to configure the Database connector to support XA transactions:



<mule xmlns:db="">
<db:connector name="MyDatabase" url="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mydb" driverClassName="com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver" username="root" password="password">


Once you have configured the connector to support transactions, you can use the Try scope to demarcate the boundaries of a transaction. The Try scope will ensure that all of the operations within the scope are either committed or rolled back together.


The following example shows how to use the Try scope to demarcate the boundaries of a transaction:



<flow name="MyFlow">
<db:insert connector="MyDatabase" table="users" name="John Doe" age="30" />
<http:request method="POST" url="" payload="#{name} #[age]" />

If either the database insert or the HTTP request fails, the entire transaction will be rolled back and the changes to the database will be undone.


MuleSoft supports transactions for a variety of connectors. You can use transactions to ensure that your Mule flows are reliable and consistent.

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