Friday 3 November 2023

what is hits in digital marketing

what is hits in digital marketing

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 In digital marketing, a hit is a request for a file from a web server. A hit can be a request for a web page, image, javascript, or CSS. 

In the early years of the internet, the number of hits was the accepted metric to compare the amount of traffic between websites. However, the term "hit" is often misused in online marketing to mean: Unique visitors, Visits, Page views.


Hit has multiple meanings, but in the context of digital marketing, it refers to a request for a file from a web server. This can be a request for a web page, an image, a CSS file, a JavaScript file, or any other type of file that is hosted on a web server.

Hits are often used as a metric to measure the popularity of a website or the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. However, it is important to note that hits are not a very accurate measure of popularity or effectiveness, because a single visitor can generate multiple hits when they view a web page with multiple images or other files.

A more accurate measure of popularity or effectiveness is impressions, which is the number of times an ad or other piece of content is displayed to a user. Impressions are counted regardless of whether the user actually clicks on the ad or content.

Here is an example of how hits and impressions work together:

A visitor visits your website and loads a web page that has 5 images.

This generates 6 hits, because there is 1 hit for the web page and 1 hit for each image.

However, the visitor only sees the web page once, so this counts as 1 impression.

If you are tracking the number of hits on your website, it is important to keep in mind that this metric can be misleading. It is better to track impressions, unique visitors, and page views to get a more accurate picture of your website traffic and digital marketing performance.

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