Saturday 30 December 2023

What are the different tabs in the Reports development Window ?Power BI interview questions and answers 211

What are the different tabs in the Reports development Window ?

Here are the different tabs in the Reports development window in Power BI Desktop, along with their key functions and an illustrative image:

1. Report View:

  • Default view when opening a report.

  • Where you create, design, and visualize your reports.

  • Drag and drop visuals onto the canvas, format them, and arrange them to create compelling data stories.

2. Data View:

  • Access and work with the underlying data model.

  • View data in a grid format, similar to a spreadsheet.

  • Clean, filter, and transform data before creating visuals.

  • Create calculated columns and measures using DAX formulas.

3. Model View:

  • Visualize and manage the relationships between tables in your data model.

  • Create and manage relationships between tables to ensure accurate data representation in your reports.

  • Helpful for understanding complex data structures and diagnosing potential issues.

4. Relationships View:

  • Focuses exclusively on managing relationships between tables.

  • Clearly visualize and modify existing relationships.

  • Create new relationships or delete unnecessary ones to ensure data consistency and accurate calculations.

5. Format View:

  • Customize the appearance of individual visuals.

  • Change colors, fonts, labels, and other formatting options to make your visuals more visually appealing and informative.

6. Fields Pane:

  • List of fields (columns) from your dataset.

  • Drag and drop fields onto the report canvas to create visuals.

  • Filter and sort fields to refine the data displayed in your visuals.

7. Visualizations Pane:

  • Library of available visuals (charts, graphs, maps, etc.).

  • Drag and drop visuals onto the report canvas to create different types of visualizations.

8. Filters Pane:

  • Apply filters to visuals, pages, or the entire report.

  • Refine the data displayed and focus on specific insights.

9. Bookmarks Pane:

  • Create and manage bookmarks to capture specific report states.

  • Quickly navigate back to important views or share specific insights with others.

By effectively utilizing these tabs, you can construct comprehensive and informative Power BI reports that uncover valuable insights from your data.

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