Tuesday 26 December 2023

What happens when you click the Infocus mode of a tile on the PowerBI dashboard on the browser ?Power BI interview questions and answers 145

 What happens when you click the Infocus mode of a tile on the PowerBI dashboard on the browser ?

When you click the Infocus mode of a tile on the Power BI dashboard in the browser, the following changes occur to enhance focus and visual clarity:

1. Tile Expansion:

  • The selected tile expands to fill the entire viewport of your browser window.

  • Other tiles on the dashboard temporarily fade out, reducing distractions and visual clutter.

2. Interactive Elements:

  • Filters and slicers within the expanded tile remain active and functional.

  • You can continue to interact with them to filter and explore the data within the focused visualization.

3. Cross-Highlighting:

  • Cross-highlighting with other visuals on the dashboard is maintained.

  • Selecting data points or categories within the Infocus tile will highlight corresponding data in other visuals, preserving context and relationships.

4. Navigation and Controls:

  • Navigation buttons appear to move between Infocus mode for different tiles (if applicable).

  • An "Exit Infocus mode" button is typically available to return to the full dashboard view.

5. Enhanced Focus and Clarity:

  • By isolating a single visualization, Infocus mode allows for:

  • Closer inspection of details and patterns.

  • Easier identification of trends and anomalies.

  • More focused analysis and exploration of specific data points.

6. Cross-Device Functionality:

  • Infocus mode is generally available across devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • It ensures a consistent and focused viewing experience regardless of screen size.

Benefits of Using Infocus Mode:

  • Improved data comprehension: By isolating and magnifying a visualization, users can better understand and interpret the data being presented.

  • Enhanced storytelling: It can be used to draw attention to key insights and data points during presentations or discussions.

  • Focused exploration: It facilitates a more detailed and thorough examination of specific data elements.

  • Personalized analysis: Users can focus on the visuals that matter most to them, tailoring their analysis experience.

In essence, Infocus mode in Power BI dashboards serves as a valuable tool for promoting focused attention, deeper exploration, and enhanced comprehension of data visualizations.

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