Wednesday 27 December 2023

What happens when you click on a single data point in one of the multiple visuals in a report ? Power BI interview questions and answers 146

What happens when you click on a single data point in one of the multiple visuals in a report ?

When you click on a single data point in one of the multiple visuals in a Power BI report, several interactive events occur to facilitate data exploration and discovery:

1. Cross-Highlighting:

  • Unifying Visuals: Power BI automatically highlights corresponding data points in all other visuals on the same report page that share a relationship with the selected data point. This creates a visual connection across multiple representations of the data, revealing patterns and trends that might not be apparent when viewing each visual in isolation.

2. Filtering:

  • Focused View: The clicked data point acts as a filter, narrowing down the data displayed in all visuals to focus on the selected category or value. This allows you to delve deeper into specific segments of your data and uncover insights that might be hidden within the broader context.

3. Tooltips and Details:

  • Contextual Information: A tooltip often appears near the clicked data point, providing additional details and context about the selected value. This might include exact numerical values, associated categories, or other relevant information.

4. Drill-Down:

  • Hierarchical Exploration: If the data is hierarchical, clicking a data point might enable drill-down functionality, allowing you to explore more granular levels of detail within the selected category or dimension. This is particularly useful for analyzing data with multiple layers of structure.

5. Visual Updates:

  • Dynamic Adjustments: The clicked visual itself might also undergo visual updates to highlight the selected data point more prominently. This could involve changes in color, size, emphasis, or other visual cues to draw attention to the chosen value.

6. Bookmarks and Actions:

  • Preserved State: If bookmarks or actions have been configured for the report, clicking a data point might trigger these features, preserving the current filtered state or launching specific actions based on the selected value. This allows for customized interactions and navigation within the report.

7. Page Navigation (Optional):

  • Linked Reports: In some cases, clicking a data point might initiate navigation to a different report page that contains more detailed information related to the selected value. This creates a seamless flow between related reports and enables deeper exploration of specific insights.


  • Contextual Sensitivity: The specific behavior and interactions that occur when clicking a data point can vary depending on the type of visual, the underlying data model, and any custom formatting or settings applied to the report.

  • Customization: Power BI offers various options to customize how visuals respond to clicks and interactions, allowing you to tailor the user experience to align with your specific analysis goals and preferences.

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