Sunday 24 December 2023

What is GetData in Power BI ?Power BI interview questions and answers 120

 What is GetData in Power BI ?

"GetData" in Power BI can refer to two things:

1. The "Get Data" button and menu:

  • Located on the home tab in Power BI Desktop, this button opens a menu with various options for connecting to and importing data from different sources.

  • These sources include files (Excel, CSV, etc.), databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.), web services, cloud storage like Azure Blob Storage, and even existing Power BI datasets and dataflows.

  • Clicking on a specific source launches the corresponding connection wizard, where you can configure the connection details and select the data you want to import.

2. The Power BI service "GetData" connector:

  • This connector allows you to import data from other dashboards and reports within the Power BI service directly into your current report.

  • This is useful for reusing data from one report in another, creating a central data source for shared analyses, or building dashboards that combine data from various sources within the service.

  • To use this connector, simply choose "Other data sources" in the "Get Data" pane and select the "Power BI service (GetData)" connector.

Therefore, depending on the context, "GetData" in Power BI can either refer to the general process of importing data from various sources or the specific connector for accessing data from other Power BI reports within the service.

Do you have any further questions about GetData in Power BI, specific challenges you're facing with data import, or need help connecting to a particular data source? I'm happy to provide more information and guide you through the process of obtaining the data you need for your Power BI analysis.

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