Sunday 24 December 2023

What is on-premise gateway in Power Bi ? Power BI interview questions and answers 109

What is on-premise gateway in Power Bi ?

In Power BI, an on-premises gateway acts as a secure bridge between your cloud-based Power BI services and your local data sources. It enables you to access and refresh data stored on your own network directly from within Power BI without needing to move the data itself to the cloud. This is crucial for several reasons:

Benefits of using an on-premises gateway:

  • Security: Sensitive data stays on your own network, ensuring optimal security and control.

  • Performance: Avoids potential performance limitations and data transfer costs associated with cloud storage for large datasets.

  • Offline access: Access your data and reports even when disconnected from the internet.

  • Flexibility: Supports connecting to various on-premises data sources like databases, file systems, and more.

  • Centralized management: Manage data access and refresh schedules for multiple users and reports from a single gateway.

Types of on-premises gateways:

  • Personal Gateway: Free option for individual users or small teams, with limited data refresh frequency and performance.

  • Standard Gateway: More powerful option for larger organizations and frequent data refresh needs, available in two modes:

  • Standard mode: Install on a domain-joined Windows machine for multiple users and services.

  • Cluster mode: Distribute workload across multiple gateway instances for high availability and scalability.

  • Virtual Network Gateway: Azure-hosted managed service, ideal for large organizations with complex security requirements and high data volume.

How to use an on-premises gateway:

  1. Download and install: Choose the appropriate gateway version based on your needs and download it from Microsoft's website:

  2. Configure data sources: Specify the on-premises data sources you want to connect to within the gateway configuration.

  3. Connect Power BI: Use the gateway connection within Power BI Desktop or Power BI Service to connect to your on-premises data and build reports and dashboards.


  • On-premises gateways require a compatible computer within your network to run.

  • Ensure proper network configuration and firewall settings to enable communication between the gateway and Power BI services.

Overall, an on-premises gateway is a valuable tool for any organization working with Power BI and wanting to securely access and analyze data stored on their own network. It provides a convenient and efficient way to leverage your local data resources for insightful reports and dashboards.

Do you have any further questions about on-premises gateways, their functionalities, or how to set one up for your organization? I'm happy to guide you through the process and ensure you can use Power BI to its full potential with both cloud and on-premises data sources.

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