Sunday 24 December 2023

What is Power BI-Embedded ? Power BI interview questions and answers 101

  What is Power BI-Embedded ?

Power BI Embedded is an Azure service that allows you to integrate interactive Power BI reports and dashboards directly into your own applications, portals, or websites. This enables you to deliver rich data insights and visualizations to your users within their familiar environment, enhancing engagement and accessibility.

Here's a breakdown of what Power BI Embedded offers:

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration: Embed Power BI content, including reports, dashboards, and tiles, into your applications without complex coding or extensive development effort.

  • Secure access and user management: Control who can access embedded content through Azure Active Directory integration and security roles.

  • Interactive experience: Users can interact with reports and dashboards within your application, filtering data, drilling down into details, and exploring insights.

  • Scalability and performance: Power BI Embedded scales to accommodate your audience size and ensures robust performance even with high traffic.

  • Customization: Brand and customize the embedded experience to match your application's look and feel.

  • Data governance: Maintain control over your data by specifying which datasets users can access within the embedded content.

Benefits of using Power BI Embedded:

  • Enhance user experience: Provide interactive data insights directly within your application, improving user engagement and decision-making.

  • Increase data adoption: Make data more accessible and relevant to users within their workflow, fostering a data-driven culture.

  • Reduce development time and cost: Minimize coding and development effort required for data visualization and reporting.

  • Flexibility and control: Customize the embedded experience to match your application's brand and functionality.

  • Scalability and security: Address user needs and ensure secure data access with a reliable Azure service.

Who uses Power BI Embedded?

  • Application developers: Integrate data insights into software solutions for customers or internal users.

  • Portal creators: Enhance web portals with interactive data reports and dashboards.

  • Business analysts: Share dashboards and reports with specific user groups within their organization.

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs): Build data-driven applications and offer embedded analytics experiences.

Next steps:

If you're interested in using Power BI Embedded, you can explore the various licensing options and resources available on Microsoft's website:

I hope this explanation clarifies what Power BI Embedded is and how it can benefit your data analysis and application development needs. Feel free to ask any further questions about specific features, use cases, or technical aspects of Power BI Embedded.

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