Thursday 21 December 2023

What is the need for Streaming Dataset or Data Streaming when we have a browser refresh every half an hour in Power BI Premium ? Power BI interview questions and answers

 What is the need for Streaming Dataset or Data Streaming when we have a browser refresh every half an hour in Power BI Premium ?

Whether or not you need a Streaming Dataset or Data Streaming in Power BI Premium with a browser refresh every half an hour depends on several factors, including:

Data freshness:

  • Half-hour refresh: For data that doesn't change rapidly and a half-hour refresh is sufficient, then streaming might not be necessary. However, if even a 30-minute delay creates an information gap, streaming could be beneficial.

  • Real-time or near-real-time needs: If you need to see data updates as they happen or nearly so, then streaming offers a clear advantage.

Data volume and complexity:

  • Smaller datasets: For smaller datasets that refresh quickly, streaming may not provide a significant performance improvement.

  • Large or complex datasets: For large or complex datasets, streaming can reduce processing time and improve responsiveness, especially when many users are accessing the data.

User interaction:

  • Passive consumption: If users simply view reports without active interaction, a half-hour refresh might be enough.

  • Interactive dashboards: If users interact with dashboards, filtering or drilling down, streaming can make it feel real-time and avoid waiting for data updates.

Cost and complexity:

  • Additional resources: Setting up and maintaining streaming dataflows requires additional resources and technical expertise.

  • Premium capacity utilization: If your Power BI Premium capacity is already near its limit, adding streaming dataflows might require upgrading.

Here's a table summarizing the decision points:


Need for Streaming?

Data freshness

Not needed if half-hour refresh is sufficient

Data volume & complexity

Less important for smaller, simpler datasets

User interaction

More important for interactive dashboards

Cost & complexity

Consider additional resources and potential capacity upgrade

Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you value real-time or near-real-time data, handle large or complex datasets, or require interactive dashboards, then streaming offers significant benefits. However, if a half-hour refresh meets your needs and resources are limited, sticking with the scheduled refresh might be the more practical option.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision about whether or not to use Streaming Dataset or Data Streaming in your Power BI Premium environment.

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