Saturday 13 January 2024

Can one connect Push Dataset and Streaming data in Power BI Desktop ?Power BI interview questions and answers 400

 Can one connect Push Dataset and Streaming data in Power BI Desktop ?

Yes, you can connect to Push datasets and visualize streaming data in Power BI Desktop, but with some limitations and considerations:

1. Push Datasets:

  • Direct Connection: Directly connect to an existing Push dataset in Power BI Service from Power BI Desktop.

  • Visualize Data: Create visuals and reports based on the streaming data.

  • Interact with Visuals: Interact with visuals to explore real-time trends and patterns.

2. Streaming Data:

  • Power BI REST API or Azure Stream Analytics: Use the Power BI REST API or Azure Stream Analytics to push data into a streaming dataset.

  • Create Streaming Visuals: Once data is in a streaming dataset, create streaming visuals in Power BI Desktop to visualize real-time data updates.


  • No Creation in Desktop: You cannot create new Push datasets directly within Power BI Desktop.

  • Restricted Visuals: Not all Power BI visuals support streaming data. Specific streaming visuals are available.

  • Real-Time Updates: Streaming visuals in Power BI Desktop only update when the report is actively open and focused.

Additional Considerations:

  • Data Volume: Streaming data can generate large volumes of data quickly. Ensure your Power BI environment can handle the data load.

  • Data Refresh: Streaming datasets typically have a set refresh interval (e.g., every second). Understand how this impacts data latency and visual updates.

  • Security: Implement appropriate security measures to protect sensitive streaming data.

Alternative for Real-Time Updates:

  • Power BI Service: For continuous real-time updates without requiring the report to be open, publish your report to the Power BI Service and use a dashboard with streaming visuals.

By understanding these capabilities and limitations, you can effectively connect to and visualize Push datasets and streaming data within Power BI Desktop, enabling real-time analysis and insights.

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