Saturday 13 January 2024

Can you export Power BI report data into any other format like SSRS ?Power BI interview questions and answers 394

 Can you export Power BI report data into any other format like SSRS ?

While Power BI doesn't have a direct export option to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), here are several approaches to transfer data or integrate with SSRS:

1. Export to Underlying Data:

  • Export Data: Navigate to the dataset in Power BI Desktop and select Export Data to download the raw data in various formats (CSV, Excel, etc.).

  • Utilize in SSRS: Import this data into SSRS to create reports and visualizations.

2. Use Analysis Services:

  • Publish to Server: Publish your Power BI model to an Analysis Services server.

  • Connect SSRS: Use SSRS to connect to the Analysis Services model and create reports based on its data and measures.

3. Integrate with Power BI Report Server:

  • Deploy to Report Server: If you have Power BI Report Server (on-premises), deploy Power BI reports directly to it.

  • Access and Manage: SSRS features can manage and access these reports alongside traditional SSRS reports.

4. Third-Party Tools (Limited Options):

  • Explore Tools: Consider third-party tools that claim to convert Power BI reports to SSRS, but exercise caution and evaluate their effectiveness thoroughly.

5. Manual Re-creation:

  • Redesign in SSRS: Manually recreate the report structure and visuals in SSRS using the underlying data from Power BI.

Key Considerations:

  • Data Refresh: Implement appropriate processes to ensure data consistency between Power BI and SSRS if using separate data sources.

  • Visual Compatibility: Be aware that not all Power BI visuals have direct SSRS equivalents, and report appearance might differ.

  • Licensing: Power BI Report Server requires a separate license.

Choose the approach that best aligns with your technology stack, licensing, and integration needs. For seamless integration and advanced features, consider using Power BI Report Server or Analysis Services.

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