Friday 12 January 2024

Does Power BI store data ? Power BI interview questions and answers 378

 Does Power BI store data ?

Whether Power BI stores data depends on how you're using it:

Power BI Desktop:

  • Doesn't directly store data: Files you edit in Power BI Desktop store the data model schema, definitions, and relationships, but not the actual data itself.

  • Connects to data sources: When you analyze data in Power BI Desktop, it pulls the data from its original source (database, Excel file, etc.) in real-time or refreshes it at set intervals.

Power BI Service:

  • Can store data (optionally): You can choose to import datasets into the Power BI Service, where it will store a copy of the data within Microsoft Azure. This option is suitable for smaller datasets or sharing reports that need offline access.

  • Connects to data sources (direct query): Alternatively, you can choose to connect to data sources directly from the Power BI Service (DirectQuery mode). In this case, the service queries the original source whenever needed, without storing any data itself.

Factors to consider:

  • Dataset size: Storing large datasets in the Power BI Service can be expensive and impact performance.

  • Real-time vs. historical data: For real-time analysis, connecting directly to the source might be necessary.

  • Offline access: If you need offline access to reports, importing the data might be beneficial.

Additional points:

  • Power BI stores metadata (information about the data) in both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service.

  • Power BI stores report visuals and formatting information in the cloud.

Overall, Power BI is not primarily a data storage solution, but it offers flexibility in how you handle data depending on your specific needs and data sources.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about data storage options in Power BI or need help choosing the right approach for your scenario!

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