Friday 12 January 2024

Define Excel BI Toolkit in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 386

 Define Excel BI Toolkit in Power BI ?

While there's no built-in feature within Power BI called "Excel BI Toolkit," I can provide information on related extensions and tools that bridge the gap between Excel and Power BI:

1. Excel Custom Visuals:

  • Power BI Marketplace: Offers a collection of custom visuals that can be imported into Power BI Desktop, including those designed to replicate Excel-like experiences.

  • Examples:

  • Excel Slicer: Mimics Excel's slicer functionality for filtering data.

  • Excel PivotTable Visual: Recreates PivotTable-like interactions within Power BI.

2. External Tools:

  • Microsoft Power BI Tools for Excel: A free add-in for Excel that enables:

  • Importing Excel data directly into Power BI Desktop.

  • Creating Power BI reports from Excel data.

  • Pinning Power BI visualizations to Excel worksheets.

  • Tablix Power BI Visual: A third-party custom visual that emulates Excel's Tablix format for grid-based reporting.

3. DAX Studio:

  • A free external tool that enhances DAX formula development and debugging for Power BI models.

  • Offers Excel-like features for formula editing and testing.

4. Analysis Services Tools (Formerly Excel BI Toolkit):

  • Deprecated: A legacy set of tools for connecting Excel to Analysis Services cubes, not directly related to Power BI.

Key Considerations:

  • Custom visuals: Extend Power BI's capabilities but are often developed by third parties and may have varying levels of support and compatibility.

  • External tools: Offer additional functionality but require separate installation and management.

  • Microsoft's focus: Development efforts are now primarily on Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service, not on Excel-specific integrations.


  • Explore custom visuals in the Power BI Marketplace to find Excel-like experiences that suit your needs.

  • Utilize the Power BI Tools for Excel add-in for seamless data integration and report creation.

  • Consider DAX Studio for advanced formula development and testing.

  • Acknowledge that the focus has shifted to Power BI's native capabilities rather than Excel integrations.

If you have specific tasks or functionalities in mind that you'd like to achieve with Excel and Power BI, I can offer more tailored guidance and recommendations.

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