Friday 12 January 2024

Explain the term Custom Visuals in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 365

 Explain the term Custom Visuals in Power BI ?

Custom visuals in Power BI are exactly what they sound like - visual elements you can add to your reports that go beyond the pre-built options available in the platform. They let you break free from the standard charts and graphs and create tailored data visualizations that perfectly match your specific needs and reporting goals.

Here's a breakdown of the key aspects of custom visuals:


  • In-house development: You can code your own visuals using JavaScript and other web technologies, leveraging APIs provided by Power BI. This approach requires development expertise.

  • AppSource marketplace: Microsoft's AppSource offers a vast library of third-party developed custom visuals, covering diverse functionalities and industries.


  • Uniqueness and creativity: Unleash your creative side and design visuals that cater to your specific data storytelling needs.

  • Enhanced communication: Use interactive elements and engaging formats to present data in a clear and impactful way, capturing user attention and driving deeper understanding.

  • Filling the gap: Get past the limitations of built-in visuals and find visualizations that perfectly represent your data's nuances and complexities.

  • Community-driven innovation: Access a wealth of pre-built visuals from talented developers, catering to various data scenarios and industries.


  • Technical complexity: Creating your own visuals requires coding skills and knowledge of Power BI APIs.

  • Potential compatibility issues: Third-party visuals might not always be compatible with the latest Power BI versions or your specific data setup.

  • Performance impact: Some complex visuals can consume more resources and affect report performance.

  • Security and trust: Carefully evaluate the source and security practices of third-party visuals before adding them to your reports.

Getting started:

  • Explore AppSource: Browse the extensive library of custom visuals available on AppSource, filtering by functionality, data type, and popularity.

  • Consider development: If you have the technical expertise, explore building your own custom visuals for unique needs.

  • Research and test: Before deploying a custom visual, thoroughly test its compatibility, performance, and security within your Power BI environment.

Overall, custom visuals are a powerful tool for elevating your Power BI reports from basic data displays to visually captivating and insightful communication tools. By understanding their strengths and potential pitfalls, you can leverage them to create impactful reporting experiences for your audience.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about specific types of custom visuals, challenges to consider, or resources to help you get started!

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