Sunday 7 January 2024

How to implement embedded reports in Power BI? Power BI interview questions and answers 300

How to implement embedded reports in Power BI?

Here's a comprehensive guide on implementing embedded reports in Power BI:

1. Choose the Right Approach:

  • Publish to web (public): For quick and easy embedding, but has limitations for security and data sensitivity.

  • Embed in apps and websites: More control and customization options, suitable for integrating reports within your own applications.

2. Generate Embed Code:

  • Publish to web: Click "File" > "Publish to web (public)" and configure settings.

  • Embed in apps: Click "File" > "Embed in a website or portal" and customize options.

  • Copy the generated embed code from the dialog box.

3. Integrate Code into Your Application:

  • Paste the embed code into the appropriate section of your web page or application's HTML code.

  • Adjust sizing and styling as needed using CSS or JavaScript to match your application's design.

4. Configure Security and Access:

  • Manage permissions: Set appropriate view and edit permissions for users within the Power BI service.

  • Protect sensitive data: Consider row-level security (RLS) or data masking for sensitive content.

5. Customize User Experience:

  • Filters and slicers: Control which data users see by embedding filters and slicers with the report.

  • Navigation and interactivity: Enable specific navigation features and interactivity options as needed.

  • Theme and branding: Customize the report's appearance to match your application's branding.

6. Manage Refresh and Updates:

  • Set refresh schedule: Ensure data stays up-to-date by setting a refresh schedule in the Power BI service.

  • Manage versions: Track report changes and updates within the Power BI service.

Additional Considerations:

  • License requirements: Embedded reports typically require Power BI Pro or Premium licenses for users viewing them.

  • Performance optimization: Consider caching and performance tuning techniques for large datasets or high usage scenarios.

  • Development tools: Utilize JavaScript APIs for advanced control and customization of embedded reports.

By following these steps and addressing considerations, you can effectively embed Power BI reports within your applications, providing seamless access to insights for your users.

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