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How to Toggle Between Two Option and Make it Interact with the rest of the Visualizations in a Report? Power BI interview questions and answers 291

How to Toggle Between Two Option and Make it Interact with the rest of the Visualizations in a Report?

Here are several effective ways to achieve toggling between two options and enable interactivity with other visuals in a Power BI report:

1. Slicers:

  • Create a slicer: Add a slicer visual to your report, choosing a field with two distinct values (e.g., "Category" with "Product A" and "Product B").

  • Filter visuals: When a value is selected in the slicer, all other visuals connected to the same data source will automatically filter to display data for that selection, creating a toggle effect.

2. Bookmarks and Selection Pane:

  • Create bookmarks: Capture two different visual states (e.g., one filtered for "Product A" and another for "Product B").

  • Add buttons: Use buttons or shapes as toggle controls.

  • Apply bookmarks: Assign bookmarks to the buttons using the "Action" pane. When a button is clicked, it applies the corresponding bookmark, toggling the visuals between the saved states.

3. Custom Visuals:

  • Explore third-party visuals: Consider custom visuals designed specifically for toggle interactions, such as:

  • Enlighten Slicer: Offers advanced features like toggling between multiple dimensions and visual interactions.

  • Chiclet Slicer: Provides a compact and visually appealing toggle experience.

4. Bookmarks and Buttons with Tooltips:

  • Create bookmarks: Capture visual states as in method 2.

  • Add buttons: Use buttons as toggle controls.

  • Customize tooltips: Set custom tooltips for each button to convey the toggling options visually.

Additional Tips:

  • Clear labeling: Ensure clear labels for toggle controls to guide users.

  • Consider visual hierarchy: Use size, color, or placement to highlight toggle controls for easy access.

  • Test interactions: Thoroughly test toggling behavior and interactions between visuals for smooth functionality.

  • Align with report design: Choose a method that complements your report's overall design and user experience.

By effectively implementing these techniques, you can create dynamic and interactive reports that allow users to seamlessly toggle between different data views and explore insights effectively.

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