Friday 19 January 2024

List out top 10 organizations using Vuejs in Vuejs explain with example?098

 List out top 10 organizations using Vuejs in Vuejs explain with example?

While ranking these as "top 10" can be subjective based on different criteria, here are 10 notable organizations using Vue.js across diverse industries:

1. Nintendo: Redesigned their online store (My Nintendo Store) using Vue.js for smoother performance and richer user experience.

2. Netflix: Utilizes Vue.js for dynamic elements and interactions within their user interface, particularly in interactive sections like trailers and user profiles.

3. Xiaomi: Leveraged Vue.js for the front-end development of their Mi Store website, enabling a clean and efficient interface for product browsing and purchasing.

4. Upwork: Integrated Vue.js into their freelancer dashboard for an enhanced search experience and improved job listing management.

5. Grammarly: Used Vue.js to build interactive components within their web-based grammar correction tool, promoting a seamless user experience.

6. BMW: Implemented Vue.js for specific functionalities within their corporate website, offering engaging elements and enhanced user interactions.

7. Behance: Adopted Vue.js for dynamic components on their creative portfolio platform, enabling a fluid and visually appealing experience for showcasing creative work.

8. GitLab: Built parts of their web-based Git hosting platform with Vue.js, allowing for dynamic dashboards and interactive elements for project management.

9. EuroNews: Streamlined their website news sections with Vue.js, empowering faster loading times and a more responsive user interface for news consumption.

10. Wizz Air: Utilized Vue.js for specific interactive components within their booking platform, providing a user-friendly interface for flight selection and booking.


  • Laracasts: The popular coding tutorial platform built their entire website using Vue.js, showcasing its capabilities for both dynamic content and efficient development.


This list is not exhaustive and represents a diverse range of companies using Vue.js in various ways. Many other organizations leverage Vue.js for its flexibility, performance, and developer-friendly nature.

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