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What are recursive components in Vuejs explain with example?085

What are recursive components in Vuejs explain with example?

Recursive components in Vue.js are components that reference themselves within their own template, creating a nested structure that can dynamically adapt to varying data depths.

Key Concepts:

  • Self-Referencing: A component includes itself using the component directive, enabling a tree-like structure.

  • Conditional Rendering: The component conditionally renders itself based on data, preventing infinite loops.

  • Data Structure: Typically used with hierarchical data (e.g., trees, nested lists).


Code snippet

    <li v-for="item in items" :key="">
      {{ }}
      <ul v-if="item.children">
        <recursive-component :items="item.children"></recursive-component>

export default {
  name: 'RecursiveComponent',
  props: {
    items: Array,


  1. Self-Referencing: The component includes itself using <recursive-component>.

  2. Conditional Rendering: The v-if="item.children" ensures rendering only when children exist.

  3. Data Binding: The :items="item.children" passes the children's data to the recursive instance.

  4. Tree Structure: This creates a nested list that mirrors the data structure.

Common Use Cases:

  • File and folder structures

  • Comment threads

  • Organizational charts

  • Nested menus

  • Hierarchical data visualization


  • Infinite Loops: Ensure a stopping condition to prevent infinite rendering.

  • Performance: Deep nesting can impact performance; consider optimization techniques.

  • Readability: Clear component structure and naming conventions are crucial for maintainability.

Additional Notes:

  • Use v-if or v-show to control rendering and prevent unnecessary component creation.

  • Consider using the key attribute for efficient DOM updates.

  • Recursive components can be combined with other techniques like slots for greater flexibility.

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