Thursday 18 January 2024

What is function shorthand in directive hooks in Vuejs explain with example? 067

 What is function shorthand in directive hooks in Vuejs explain with example?

Function shorthand in Vue.js directive hooks provides a concise way to define a directive when the same function logic applies to both the bind and update hooks. This simplifies code and reduces repetition when the actions are identical in both scenarios.

Here's how it works:

  1. Define the Directive:

  • Instead of using an object with separate bind and update functions, provide a single function directly as the directive's value.

  • This function will be called for both the bind and update events.

  1. Access Arguments:

  • Within the shorthand function, you can still access the el and binding arguments as usual.



Vue.directive('highlight', (el, binding) => { = binding.value;

This directive is equivalent to:


Vue.directive('highlight', {
  bind(el, binding) { = binding.value;
  update(el, binding) { = binding.value;

Key Points:

  • Conciseness: Function shorthand reduces code duplication and improves readability.

  • Same Logic: Use it only when the bind and update hooks perform the exact same actions.

  • Other Hooks: If you need different logic for other hooks like inserted or unbind, use the full object syntax for those hooks.

Example Usage:


  <div v-highlight="isHighlighted">This text will be highlighted based on the isHighlighted variable.</div>

When to Use:

  • Simple directives with identical logic in bind and update.

  • Preference for concise code style.

When to Avoid:

  • Directives requiring different actions in bind and update.

  • Need for inserted or unbind hooks with different logic.

Remember: Function shorthand is a useful tool for streamlining directive definitions in Vue.js when applicable, but it's essential to understand its limitations and use it appropriately to maintain code clarity and maintainability.

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