Tuesday 27 February 2024

Find the average of an array of numbers? in MuleSoft 76


In MuleSoft 4, you can calculate the average of an array of numbers using the avg function in DataWeave:


%dw 2.0
output application/json

var numbers = [10, 20, 30, 40, 50];

// Calculate the average using the avg function
var average = avg(numbers);



  1. DataWeave Version: This example specifies DataWeave version 2.0.

  2. Output Format: Defines the output format as JSON.

  3. Array: Defines an array named numbers containing the values.

  4. Average Calculation:

  • The avg function takes an array of numbers as input.

  • It calculates the sum of all elements in the array and divides it by the number of elements, resulting in the average.

  1. Output: The write function displays the calculated average.

Running the code:

  • You can copy and paste this code into a Mule flow component named "CalculateAverage" and configure a "Set Payload" component within the flow to use the DataWeave expression (payload) to reference the incoming data.

  • When you run the flow, the average will be displayed in the output.

Additional Notes:

  • The avg function throws an error if the input array is empty or contains non-numeric values.

  • You can use error handling mechanisms in your Mule flow to manage these situations gracefully.

  • DataWeave offers other functionalities like comprehensions for more concise calculations if needed.

This example demonstrates how to calculate the average of an array of numbers using DataWeave in MuleSoft 4. Remember to adapt the code and data according to your specific requirements.

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