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How to Retry automatically if there is an error response from API Angular ? 88

 How to Retry automatically if there is an error response from API Angular ?

There are several ways to retry automatically if there is an error response from an API in Angular:

1. Using Observables with retry operator:

  • The retry operator in RxJS allows you to automatically retry a failed observable a specified number of times.

  • You can chain it after your API call observable like this:


  retry({ count: 2, delay: 1000 }) // Retry twice with 1 second delay between each attempt
  // Handle successful response
  // Handle error after retries

2. Implementing custom retry logic:

  • You can create a custom function that checks for specific error codes or conditions and resubmits the request if necessary.

  • This approach offers more flexibility for applying retry logic based on specific criteria.

3. Using libraries:

  • Libraries like ngx-retry or retry-rxjs provide additional features and options for retrying requests, such as exponential backoff or custom retry conditions.

4. Server-side retry mechanisms:

  • Some APIs might also offer their own retry mechanisms at the server level. Look into the API documentation for available options.

Important considerations:

  • Before implementing automatic retries, consider the potential impact on your API server if multiple requests are sent for the same operation.

  • Define clear retry limits to avoid infinite loops and excessive server load.

  • Implement exponential backoff between retries to spread out requests and avoid overwhelming the server.

  • Provide informative error messages to the user if retries fail to resolve the issue.

Additional tips:

  • You can combine different approaches based on your specific needs.

  • When using retry, remember that it retries the entire observable chain, including any side effects from previous operators.

  • Consider using interceptors to inject retry logic globally for certain types of requests.

By choosing the appropriate approach and following these considerations, you can effectively implement automatic retries in your Angular application to increase resilience and improve user experience in case of temporary API errors.

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