Thursday 11 January 2024

How can you apply percentile function in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 350

How can you apply percentile function in Power BI ?

Here are the main ways to apply percentile functions in Power BI:


  • Use: Calculate percentiles directly within measures or calculated columns.

  • Syntax:

  • PERCENTILE.INC(column, percentile): Includes both lower and upper bounds of the specified percentile.

  • PERCENTILE.EXC(column, percentile): Excludes both lower and upper bounds.

  • Example: Percentile 75 = PERCENTILE.INC(Sales[Amount], 0.75)

2. Quick Measures:

  • Access: Right-click on a numeric field and select "New quick measure" > "Percentile".

  • Visual Customization: Customize the percentile calculation within the visual's formatting pane.

3. DAX Measures with Percentile Logic:

  • Create custom measures using DAX functions like RANKX, COUNTROWS, and DIVIDE to calculate percentiles based on specific criteria or conditions.

  • Offer flexibility for more complex scenarios and tailored percentile calculations.

4. Visualization Options:

  • Card visual: Display percentile values directly as text.

  • Charts: Visually represent percentiles using reference lines or bands.

  • Table visual: List percentile values alongside other data.

Additional Considerations:

  • Data Type: Ensure the column containing the values for percentile calculation is numeric.

  • Aggregation: For calculated columns, consider the appropriate aggregation method (SUM, AVERAGE, etc.) based on the desired percentile calculation.

  • Performance: Optimize complex percentile calculations with large datasets to avoid performance issues.

By effectively applying these techniques, you can gain valuable insights into the distribution of your data, identify outliers, compare performance against benchmarks, and enhance your data analysis within Power BI.

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