Thursday 11 January 2024

How can you assign SSRS with Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 349

How can you assign SSRS with Power BI ?

It's important to clarify the terms in your question, as "assign SSRS with Power BI" can be interpreted in different ways. Here are two possible interpretations with explanations:

1. Assigning Permissions to Access SSRS Reports Using Power BI:

  • If you're asking how to grant users access to SSRS reports using Power BI, this isn't directly possible. Power BI primarily focuses on data visualization and analysis, not managing report permissions.

  • However, you can embed your SSRS reports within Power BI reports or dashboards. This allows users with access to the Power BI report to also access the embedded SSRS reports within the same environment.

2. Migrating SSRS Reports to Power BI:

  • If you're interested in converting your existing SSRS reports to Power BI, there are several approaches:

  • Manual Rebuilding: You can recreate the report from scratch in Power BI Desktop. This offers full control and flexibility but requires time and effort.

  • RDL Migration Tool: Microsoft provides a free tool to automate part of the conversion process, simplifying the migration of layouts, data sources, and expressions.

  • Power BI Report Builder: This free tool offers an SSRS-like interface for building reports within Power BI, but may not support all report complexities.

  • Third-Party Tools: Tools like Scribe Data Integration and Variglobal Power BI Conversion Tool offer advanced automation and data lineage preservation, but generally require paid subscriptions.

Choosing the right option depends on factors like:

  • Report complexity

  • Desired features in the new report

  • Available resources and expertise


  • Consider data security and permissions when migrating reports or embedding them within Power BI.

  • Ensure appropriate training for users to leverage the new Power BI functionality effectively.

I hope this clarifies the options for assigning SSRS with Power BI based on your possible interpretations. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or need more specific guidance on your migration/access scenarios.

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