Wednesday 10 January 2024

How can you refresh data in PowerBI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 339


There are several ways to refresh data in Power BI, depending on your needs and the context:

Manual Refresh:

  • Refresh Now: The quickest way, accessible from the top menu in both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service. Click "Refresh Now" to update all data sources and visuals in your report or workspace.

  • Refresh Specific Visuals: In Power BI Desktop, right-click a specific visual and choose "Refresh Visual" to update only that visual with the latest data.

Scheduled Refresh:

  • Power BI Desktop: Set up automatic refresh for the datasets within your Power BI Desktop files. Schedule daily, hourly, or custom refresh intervals from the "Schedule Refresh" option in the Home tab.

  • Power BI Service: Configure scheduled refresh for datasets published to the Power BI Service. Choose a refresh schedule, gateway settings, and credential management within the "Settings" section of your workspace.

Incremental Refresh:

  • Available for specific data sources: For large datasets, consider enabling incremental refresh to update only recently changed data instead of the entire dataset. This optimizes performance and improves refresh speed.

  • Configure in Power BI Desktop: Within the "Modeling" tab, choose the specific table and enable "Incremental refresh" options to define data refresh logic.

Additional Options:

  • Real-time data connections: Utilize real-time data sources like streaming APIs or live connections to continuously refresh data within your visuals without manual or scheduled interventions.

  • Trigger refresh from other sources: Explore third-party tools or custom integrations that can trigger a Power BI data refresh based on external events or conditions.


  • Choose the refresh method that best aligns with your data source type, update frequency needs, and performance considerations.

  • Monitor scheduled refresh schedules and performance to ensure your reports are always up-to-date with accurate data.

  • Be mindful of data usage and resource consumption when choosing frequent refresh intervals.

By understanding and utilizing various refresh options, you can maintain data accuracy and ensure effective reporting and analysis within Power BI.

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