Friday 26 January 2024

How do you allow plugin prompts?192

 How do you allow plugin prompts?

Enabling plugin prompts depends on the specific tool or framework you're using:

Vue CLI:

  • During Project Creation:

  • Pass the --prompt flag during project creation:
    vue create my-project --prompt

  • This enables interactive prompts for installing plugins and selecting features.

  • Installing Plugins Later:

  • Use the vue add command with interactive prompts:
    vue add router

  • UI Helper (vue ui):

  • If installed, launch it with vue ui.

  • It provides a graphical interface for adding and configuring plugins with prompts.

Other Tools:

  • Command-Line Tools:

  • Often have flags or options to enable interactive prompts during installation or configuration.

  • Consult the tool's documentation for specific instructions.

  • GUI Tools:

  • May provide visual prompts or wizards for plugin selection and configuration.

General Considerations:

  • Non-Interactive Modes: Some tools might have a non-interactive mode for scripting or automation.

  • Environment Variables: Some tools allow configuring prompts using environment variables.

  • Configuration Files: Certain tools might offer configuration files to enable or disable prompts.

  • Documentation: Always refer to the tool's documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions.

Additional Tips:

  • Interactive Development: Use prompts for interactive development and exploration.

  • Scripting: Disable prompts for automated workflows using non-interactive modes or configuration.

  • Testing: Test plugin prompts in a development environment before production deployments.

Remember: The exact method for enabling plugin prompts varies depending on the tool or framework you're using. Always consult the relevant documentation for specific instructions.

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