Friday 26 January 2024

How do you find VueJS version using API?196

 How do you find Vue JS version using API?

Here are the ways to determine the Vue.js version using API methods:

1. During Runtime:

  • Vue.version: This global property returns a string indicating the Vue.js version currently running in the browser.


console.log(Vue.version); // Output: e.g., "3.2.45"

2. During Development:

  • package.json: Check the dependencies section of your package.json file for the vue package version.


  "dependencies": {
    "vue": "^3.2.45"

  • vue --version (CLI): If you're using Vue CLI, run this command in your terminal to view the globally installed Vue CLI version, which often aligns with the Vue.js version used in your projects.

3. Within a Vue Component:

  • this.$version: Access this property within a Vue component to get the Vue.js version used in that component's context.


  <p>Vue version: {{ $version }}</p>

4. Accessing Vue API Within Browser Console:

  • Vue.version: If Vue is available globally in the browser, you can directly access Vue.version in the browser console to check the version.

5. Inspecting Generated JavaScript Code:

  • Vue.version: Search for Vue.version in the generated JavaScript code (usually in a file like app.js or main.js) to find the version used during build.

Key Points:

  • Use Vue.version at runtime or within components.

  • Check package.json for development version.

  • Use vue --version for CLI version.

  • Inspect generated code for build version.

Additional Considerations:

  • If using a custom build of Vue.js, the version might not be accessible through these methods.

  • For complex scenarios, consider using build tools or scripts to manage and track Vue.js versions more effectively.

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