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In how many formats Power BI is available in the market  ?Power BI interview questions and answers 286

 In how many formats Power BI is available in the market  ?

Power BI is available in three primary formats, each designed for different usage scenarios:

1. Power BI Desktop:

  • Free desktop application: Downloadable for Windows 10 (and limited support for macOS via a virtual machine).

  • Report creation and modeling: Used for developing and designing reports, connecting to various data sources, creating data models, and authoring interactive visualizations.

  • Local file format: Saves reports as .pbix files for sharing and collaboration.

2. Power BI Service (Web Service):

  • Cloud-based platform: Accessed through a web browser at

  • Collaboration and sharing: Primary platform for sharing reports and dashboards with others, managing workspaces, and collaborating on data insights.

  • Publish reports: Used to publish reports created in Power BI Desktop to share them with others across the organization.

3. Power BI Mobile Apps:

  • Mobile access and interactivity: Available for iOS and Android devices.

  • View and interact: Used to view and interact with reports and dashboards published to the Power BI Service, as well as receive push notifications for data alerts and updates.

  • Offline access: Certain reports and dashboards can be made available for offline viewing and interaction.

Here's a summary table to highlight the key differences:



Primary Use


Power BI Desktop

Free desktop app for report creation and modeling

Individual report development and design


Power BI Service

Cloud-based platform for sharing, collaboration, and data management

Sharing, collaboration, and managing reports and data

Free (with limitations) or Pro/Premium subscriptions

Power BI Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for accessing and interacting with reports on the go

Viewing and interacting with reports on mobile devices


It's important to note that the Power BI Service offers both a free version with limitations and paid Pro or Premium subscriptions with enhanced features, capacities, and governance capabilities.

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