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Is it possible to export data from the Power BI report into other formats like SSRS  ?Power BI interview questions and answers 282

 Is it possible to export data from the Power BI report into other formats like SSRS  ?

While Power BI doesn't have a direct export option to SSRS specifically, here are several ways to extract and utilize data from Power BI for use in other formats or tools:

1. Export Data:

  • CSV and Excel: Export the underlying data from visuals or tables into CSV or Excel files, which can then be used in SSRS or other tools.

  • Power BI Report Builder: Use the Power BI Report Builder tool to create paginated reports that can connect to Power BI datasets, offering more control over formatting and layout for printing or sharing.

2. Embed Power BI:

  • Embed in SSRS: Embed Power BI visuals and reports directly within SSRS pages for integrated viewing and interactivity.

  • Embed in Other Applications: Embed Power BI content in web portals or custom applications to showcase data and insights alongside other content.

3. Publish as PDF or PowerPoint:

  • Create Static Snapshots: Export Power BI reports as PDF or PowerPoint files for distribution or sharing without interactive elements.

4. Connect to Same Data Sources:

  • Direct Data Access: If SSRS and Power BI can access the same underlying data sources, create separate reports in each tool, ensuring consistency and avoiding the need for direct export.

5. Third-Party Tools and Solutions:

  • Explore Options: Research third-party tools or extensions that might offer advanced export capabilities or integration between Power BI and SSRS, such as custom connectors or data migration tools.

Additional Considerations:

  • Data Refresh: If exporting data, ensure processes are in place to keep exported data synchronized with the Power BI source if needed.

  • Data Security: Be mindful of data security and privacy when exporting or embedding Power BI content.

  • Organizational Policies: Adhere to your organization's data governance and compliance policies when sharing or exporting data.

The most suitable method depends on your specific use cases, data integration needs, and organizational requirements.

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