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List some Edit interaction options in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 272

 List some Edit interaction options in Power BI ?

Edit interaction options in Power BI allow you to control how visualizations on your report page interact with each other when clicked or selected. Here are some key options:

Basic Interactions:

  • None: No interaction occurs when a visual is clicked.

  • Highlight: The selected data point in the clicked visual is highlighted, and other visuals remain unchanged.

  • Filter: Selecting a data point in one visual filters the other visuals based on the shared field values.

Advanced Interactions:

  • Drill Through: Clicking a data point in one visual opens another page or section of the report showing more detailed information related to the selection.

  • Cross-Highlight: Selecting a data point in one visual highlights related data points in other visuals without filtering them.

  • Bookmark: Clicking a data point in one visual sets a bookmark, allowing users to quickly return to that specific view of the data.

  • Drill To: Similar to drill through, but navigates to a specific target visual instead of a new page.

Managing Interactions:

  • Turn on Visual Interaction Controls: This enables interaction icons to appear on all visuals, allowing you to easily change their interactive behavior.

  • Choose Visuals to Interact: Select the specific visuals that should be influenced by clicking or selecting another visual.

  • Custom Settings: Some visuals offer additional interaction options specific to their functionality.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider the overall flow of your report when setting interactions. Make sure they enhance user understanding and avoid creating confusing data relationships.

  • Use Edit interactions sparingly, as too many interactions can overwhelm users and clutter the report.

  • Provide clear visual cues (such as tooltips) to explain how users can interact with the report.

By utilizing Edit interaction options effectively, you can create interactive and intuitive Power BI reports that help users explore and understand data in a more engaging and meaningful way.

I hope this comprehensive list helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about specific aspects of Edit interaction in Power BI.

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